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Structural™: a revolutionary technology

Cyanoacrylate technology, better known as "super glues", the type that sticks instantly or almost instantly, was born after World War II. Based on a condensation process known as the "Knoevenagal" process, it has changed little since.

However, it suffers from a major limitation for industrial applications: how to use the instant adhesion power of a glue, while having the possibility to take its time to apply the adhesive in an extremely precise way, a necessity for complex objects such as electronic components or jewelry, or on a large surface, for example a TV screen? Bostik's Structural™ technology meets this challenge, disrupting a decades-old technology in the process.

Structural: a high-strength hybrid adhesive

A concentration of innovation

This hybrid adhesive, known as "bi-component", as the technology rests on the combination of two components, is pure innovation. It combines a fast setting time at room temperature while allowing a long application time, while also featuring excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates such as aluminum, steel, plastics and elastomers, as well as porous substrates, such as wood, particleboard and leather.

Advanced technology

Our technology is designed for ‘by-the-dot’ bonding, which means extremely precise instant bonding applications ranging from 500 microns to 2 millimeters. We offer our assembly customers the highest level of performance for a variety of applications ranging from smartphones or embedded electronics in the automotive industry, to jewelry, luxury packaging, medical (with the assembly of accessories and specific devices such catheters, ultrasound scanners...), or even the maintenance of industrial equipment and vehicles.

Simplified use for high quality results

Thanks to its gel consistency, Structural™ allows precise application, and it is also repositionable, with high bond strength (> 6 MPa after 5 minutes, image to illustrate? If not we should just ditch the information I think) which gives it a high impact resistance despite the short drying time (30 seconds).

Structural™ thus provides an optimal performance. Transparent once cured, it is aesthetically attractive, and offers excellent temperature and humidity resistance, ensuring a very high level of performance even in all types of conditions.

A growing market

This technology for ultra-precision micro-bonding has a wide variety of industrial applications, and gives us a leading position in an expanding market.

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