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  • Color : Liquid clear + pale yellow 
  • Working time : 30 – 45 min
  • Curing time : 24h 


  • Efficient regardless of the type of cracks
  • The repair is final and solid
  • No stapling of concrete


Slowly add the hardener into resin (part A + B) while mixing, mix thoroughly for 3 minutes with an electric drill and mixing paddle. Apply the mixture immediately. Clean the crack, glue transparent injection ports on face of cracks every 30 to 50cm. Inject RENO E742 STRUCTURE (A+B) using a pressure pot or caulking gun. Start injecting from the bottom port at a low pressure; gradually bring the pressure up (from 200g to 5kg/cm² depending on the type of crack). When the resin starts coming out of the higher port which serves as an air hole; cap the lower port and move on to next, the higher part, until the whole crack is filled.

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