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  • Color : brown
  • Curing time : 3h
  • Coverage : 300 g/m²
  • Moisture protection level : 4,5% CM


  • High adhesive strength
  • Ready-to-use
  • Strong tightening effect   


Apply with a velour roller. The primer must be applied evenly thin and puddle-free.

Primer: HYTEC P510 RENORAPID is applied evenly to the substrate. As a primer for closing pores in the surface renovation of old and concrete substrates in the roofing industry. The curing time of the last coat of HYTEC P510 RENORAPID of approx. 2 hours must be observed before further processing.

Moisture barrier: HYTEC P510 RENORAPID must be applied twice as a moisture barrier. After each application an intermediate drying time of 1-2 hours up to max. 6 hours is required. Alternatively, instead of sanding, the dry PU primer can be primed with GRIP A936 XPRESS

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