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The disposable hygiene industry today is faced with ongoing concerns about substances of interest (SOI). For manufacturers, this can be a daunting topic to understand and address. You need a partner you can trust as you go forward with addressing SOI and consumer perception of your products.

At Bostik, we recognise that expert knowledge is the foundation of any sound strategy, including one focused on SOI. That is why we are active members in an international task force on SOI created by EDANA1. Through our participation, we share in—and add to—EDANA’s extensive knowledge of SOI and the European market. We have also assembled our own SOI expert group to further expand our understanding. 
As your adhesive supplier, we are here to support you in many ways regarding SOI. We can share our up-to-date knowledge of:

  • The SOI topic in general: What is a substance of interest? Why is it an SOI? 
  • Possible regulations governing your target markets. We can help prepare you and offer support on how to navigate through the regulatory process. 
  • The proposed restrictions and the process to obtain product registration in the European Union (EU). We can also educate customers outside of Europe on the (potential) restriction process and scope.
  • Methods for assessing the complete diaper to meet regulatory requirements. 

In addition, our teams can (upon request) prepare documentation needed to comply with REACH as they relate to our adhesives, their ingredients, and their source materials.

We have also worked to develop a variety of articles and other materials on the topic of SOI. Bostik’s goal: to assist you—our customers—with building your own knowledge of this important and complex topic.

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1An international organization for producers of nonwoven products;

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