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There is much to be said about being in the right place. When it comes to core adhesives, application placement is critical.

Depending on the core design and the overall diaper structure, some disposable hygiene manufacturers find it more convenient to apply the adhesive on either the top or the bottom of the core. There are, however, some product producers who do prefer to apply adhesive to both sides of the core.

  • Top placement
    When applying core adhesive directly to the top of the fluff and superabsorbent polymer (SAP) matrix, it is important to remember that liquid has to be able to move through the adhesive. Top placement can have a slightly negative impact on acquisition and can compromise core integrity when compared to adhesives applied to the bottom.
  • Bottom placement
    Applying the adhesive to the bottom of the core essentially does improve acquisition because there is no overhead adhesive to obstruct the liquid. Bottom placement also has a positive impact on core integrity because it helps with fluff fiber stabilization. This can reduce instances of core cracking for greater product performance and protection against leaks