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Simply stated, diversity is a top priority at Bostik. It is a significant area of focus across our manufacturing facilities, laboratories, and offices around the world. We also view diversity as a crucial part of our approach to corporate social responsibility.

As the adhesive solutions division of Arkema, Bostik is in alignment with Arkema’s commitments to:

  • Develop professional gender equity at all levels of the company
  • Build cultural diversity on our teams
  • Grow relationships between individuals from different countries
  • Recruit and integrate individuals with disabilities into our workforce

Through our mentoring programme and other diversity initiatives, we continue to strengthen our employees, our company, and the communities in which we operate. Like Arkema, we put teamwork at the centre of our diversity goals. This makes Bostik a great place to work.


Diversity and employee engagement add value for our customers

Our strong dedication to building a well-rounded workforce has another benefit: It brings added value to our customers. Some of the benefits arise from the expanded range of backgrounds, perspectives, approaches, and insights our teams possess. Others derive from higher levels of employee engagement and retention common to companies with a diverse workforce. Taken together, they allow Bostik to support customers like you through:

  • A broader base of knowledge, methods, and experience
  • Expanded creativity, innovation, and problem-solving
  • Strong employee investment in their work
  • An international perspective on markets, consumer needs, and more

In everything from R&D to customer support, our commitment to diversity makes Bostik a stronger partner for your disposable hygiene operations.

Let’s talk about how we can put Bostik’s diversity to work for you! Schedule a meeting today.

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