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Digitisation is revolutionising industries across the globe thanks to the use of big data. Companies, including those in disposable hygiene, are finding ways to improve the research and development of products, as well as customer and consumer satisfaction through automated communications. For absorbent article manufacturers, digitisation is also helping to optimise operations.


By collecting data points throughout the production process, companies like yours—and ours—are harnessing digital information to:

  • Track overall equipment efficiency (OEE)
  • Streamline processes
  • Boost efficiency via automation of tasks
  • Positively impact safety for plants, workers, and the communities in which we operate
  • Track and control product quality
  • Understand and predict production line stoppages
  • Optimise maintenance schedules
  • Remote inspection of production lines for troubleshooting
  • And much more

At Bostik, we are continually tracking new technologies and exploring opportunities to improve our operations. Having various plants around the world allows us to investigate and test different processes and implement them as appropriate in our facilities. We have found the following to be helpful in making these decisions:


  • Comparing the investment in automated processes relative to the local cost of labour
  • Investigating bottlenecks and making sure we are solving them rather than simply moving them
  • Considering constraints imposed by space, energy, and other resources


As the disposable hygiene industry continues to evolve, remember Bostik. We are experts in the adhesives you need to make your products and we can provide recommendations for choosing the right bonding solutions to support your advancing digitisation efforts. To learn more about our products, training, and expertise, request a meeting.