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Disposable baby diapers, feminine pads, and adult incontinence products are intended to enhance quality of life by meeting consumer needs for convenience, comfort, and confidence. In this way, they are already serving the societal aspect of sustainability. The jobs they create and the work they allow their users to do on a daily basis similarly benefit the economy. But what about the third aspect: Environment? 


Consumers and stakeholders alike have expectations of a decreased environmental impact. However, meeting those expectations requires careful balancing with the societal and economic impacts these changes may bring. That’s why we’re here to help you reduce the environmental impact sustainably and responsibly.


Experts across the industry, including those of us at Bostik, are exploring how to deliver effective single-use products while bringing more circularity to the process. We are also considering how Bostik can support manufacturer efforts towards creating a different end-of-life for the product, such as composting or recycling.


At Bostik, we believe the answer rests in partnering with our customers, our material suppliers, and our allied suppliers. By combining and coordinating our efforts, we can develop solutions that assist with meeting your sustainability goals. This includes four main areas of focus that our experts have identified:

  1. End-of-life management
  2. Resource management
  3. Societal improvements
  4. Process efficiency

Each requires innovation along with a mix of partnership, dialogue, product stewardship, and life-cycle assessment. Goals include:

  • Add-on reduction for process optimisation
  • Product development from bio-sourced materials 
  • End-of-life management
  • A focus on emerging geographies and regional social causes

As you work towards introducing and enhancing sustainability in your products and practices, connect with Bostik’s experts to learn more about your options. Working together, we can help you meet the needs of today’s consumers while respecting the needs of future generations and a healthy environment.

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