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“Increasingly, our role as a manufacturer is to use our capacity for innovation and value creation to contribute to a more sustainable world.” 
        -Virginie Delcroix, Arkema Vice President, Sustainable Development


At Bostik—and our parent company, Arkema—we recognise that the world today is undergoing considerable economic, environmental, and societal changes. Companies across the globe are taking a closer look at their processes and products, and the same is true with us. Arkema has developed a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) roadmap which helps guide our choices at Bostik. The goal is to maximise value for you, our disposable hygiene customers, while minimising negative impacts on society, the environment, and the economy. One important aspect of our CSR commitment is how it guides research and development. 

We are continuously working to:

  • Manufacture in plants whose processes reduce our impact on the environment
  • Reduce the operational impact of our customers
  • Satisfy the consumer need for safety and transparency
  • Meet eco-label requirements 

Those of us at Bostik embrace being part of a greater whole. We are committed to better understanding how our adhesives can help unlock your ability to meet your own sustainability objectives and ambitions. As your plans for production and disposable hygiene products evolve, so will our products and expertise. That’s why we are also working to:

  • Enable the use of renewable / sustainable substrates
  • Enable a reduction in the material weight of the hygiene product
  • Provide an adhesive that is based on sustainable technologies and materials
  • Contribute to the recycling of the hygiene product or any other sustainable end-of-life scenario

Briefly put, we are pursuing many avenues with the goal of helping article manufacturers like you in creating more sustainable disposable hygiene products and meet the end sustainable expectations. Working together, we can create a more sustainable world.

Let’s talk about how Bostik’s responsible actions and advanced adhesive technology can support your sustainability goals. Request a meeting today!