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Hot melt adhesives have been integral to disposable hygiene products for generations. Many of the industry’s innovations have relied on adhesives for everything from elastic attachment to core stabilisation. But they don’t stop there. Adhesives are crucial for certain core designs. They even go beyond gluing to take on entirely new roles to benefit the consumer. 

There is simply no bonding solution substitute for adhesives in:


  • Pad attachment for feminine care and light adult incontinence products
  • Wetness indicators in baby diapers and institutional incontinence garments
  • Core stabilisation in certain low-fluff and fluff-free designs
  • The bonding of all-natural materials like cotton and bamboo, or PLA, a bio-based substrate 
  • Substrate flexibility, for bonding core tissue, elastomers, and more

When it comes to choosing the right hot melt adhesive for each application in disposable hygiene, ask the experts. Bostik has a global team of knowledgeable professionals with many years of experience focused on adhesives and optimisation. We can guide you through adhesive selection and provide valuable insight as you consider designing—or redesigning—your products.

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