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Disposable hygiene producers may consider lowering adhesive add-on for many reasons. These can include accommodating consumer-driven market trends and addressing business concerns to help better control operating costs and optimise production. Even so, reducing add-on is not always the best option in every situation. Collecting data is crucial in deciding if—and how—to move forward.

Determine your baseline: auditing current performance and adhesives

Step one is evaluating the current performance of your adhesives. 

  • Are they on target? 
  • Over-performing? 
  • Falling short? 

Product audits can help you compare your expectations against actual add-on levels and adhesive performance. If your adhesive is outperforming expectations, reducing add-on may be an option. But keep in mind, an under-performing adhesive doesn’t necessarily mean lower add-on is out of the question. It all depends on whether or not other tactics or another adhesive can be used to improve bond effectiveness. A product audit, like those available through Bostik’s additional support services, can give you the answers you need and provide insight on the right questions to ask. 

(For an example of how a product audit can be put to work, request a copy of our whitepaper, “How Audits Can Help You Optimise the Use of Adhesives.”)

Put your ideas to the test with coater qualification trials

Once you have narrowed in on the best options, it’s time to consider conducting coater qualification trials with a trusted adhesive supplier. At Bostik, we can replicate your line conditions—substrates, settings, nozzle type, and line speed—to ensure accurate recommendations. 

Know your disposable hygiene adhesive choices

Not all adhesives are created equal. Finding the right balance between cost, performance, and processability can be a complex task. Our experts in disposable hygiene adhesives can talk you through the options, outlining both potential benefits and complications for each adhesive choice available to you. 

When it comes to optimising line production, reducing cost, and achieving on-target performance, lower add-on can be an appealing option. Talk to a Bostik expert today, to learn if it’s the right one for you.