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Hot melt adhesives have been used in disposable hygiene products for decades due, in no small part, to their versatility. Adhesives enable the bonding of a wide array of substrates to enhance softness and other materials that can be used to create a thinner core. This is especially beneficial in an industry where diapers, feminine care, and adult incontinence products continue to evolve based on consumers’ ever-changing needs. While other bonding methods exist, hot melt adhesives remain the leading choice among disposable hygiene producers worldwide.

Because of their versatility, hot melt adhesives are frequently used to bond with:


  • Cotton, bamboo, and other sustainable all-natural fibres
  • PLA, a polymer which is derived from corn starch
  • Synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, and spandex 
  • Films including PET, PP, PE, and more
  • Thinner substrates
  • Bulky (fluffy) substrates used to increase perception of softness
  • Vulcanised rubbers and elastomers

In addition, adhesives offer flexibility when it comes to making strategic changes in your products to enhance performance and profitability. Unlike other bonding methods, adhesives do not require the bonded materials to have similar melting points or other matching thermoplastic properties. As an extra benefit, adjustments to temperature, open time, compression, and add-on level can be used to optimise bonding with the new substrates. 

All of these advantages and more have made hot melt adhesives the go-to bonding solution in everything from pads to pants and everything in between.

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