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As today’s consumers become more aware of sustainability and aspire to live more sustainably, they may look for products perceived as being kinder to themselves, those they care for, and the environment. Absorbent hygiene products—diapers, pads, and others—improve the quality of life for many segments of society. However, we can’t overlook the challenging environmental aspects relating to the production and disposal of single-use products for baby care, menstrual health, and adult incontinence.

For many in the absorbent hygiene industry, understanding how to become more sustainable, measuring results, and communicating achievements can be quite daunting.

Manufacturers like you need the right tactics, tools, and know-how to become more socially responsible whilst still meeting consumer needs and expectations for product performance. Our desire to help you achieve this is one reason for our ‘Responsibly for Hygiene’ commitment. It is also the driving force behind Bostik’s Nuplaviva™ series of adhesives formulated with renewable content. 


The Nuplaviva™ series: Bostik’s renewably sourced adhesive solutions

In keeping with our holistic approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR), the first products launched in this series are construction adhesives centred around bio-based ingredients. Specifically, NuplavivaTM c50 and NuplavivaTM c75 are formulated with 50% and 75% bio-sourced content respectively. They are designed to enable you to incrementally and positively make renewable changes, help lower dependence on fossil carbon, and promote a more circular economy. They accomplish this whilst maintaining processability, product integrity, and consumer confidence. In particular, they:

  • Enhance efficiencies with a wide operational window for application temperatures, adhesive add-ons, and open time

  • Rapidly adapt to a wide range of substrates, including sustainable options, for greater design flexibility

  • Reduce waste and increase consumer confidence due to a powerful peel strength

  • Provide powerful wet peel strength to hold your product together in use

Best of all, NuplavivaTM c50 and NuplavivaTM c75 construction adhesives offer the robust performance you have come to expect from Bostik’s traditional adhesive offerings. They can be run using your current adhesive application equipment and processes; there is no need to make any special changes, even at high line speeds.

Also now available is Nuplaviva™ i90, a 90% renewably sourced hot-melt wetness indicator. It helps enable a reduced carbon footprint whilst also meeting demand for low product odour, improving consumer satisfaction, and differentiating your brand. Benefits of Nuplaviva™ 90 Wetness Indicator include:

  • Rapid response with a clear, obvious colour change
  • Superior resistance to humidity, preventing premature colour change
  • Compatibility with a wide range of core wraps and SAP ratios for flexibility in core design

Projects are also underway to expand the series in two ways: deliver construction adhesives with even higher levels of renewable content, and include adhesives designed to serve other functions such as elastic and pad attachment. Each is (or will be) designed to improve resource conservation and support your sustainable product initiatives. In addition, they can positively impact consumer perception of single-use absorbent articles.
Our experts can help you determine if the Nuplaviva™ series of renewably sourced adhesive solutions can breathe new life—and the next level of sustainability—into your absorbent hygiene products. And we love that. After all, your world is our world.

To speak with a Bostik expert directly, complete the Nuplaviva™ information request form.


More about Responsibly for Hygiene … Naturally from Bostik

The Nuplaviva™ series is just one aspect of our commitment to helping others in the disposable hygiene industry embrace corporate social responsibility. A series of webinar recordings, podcast episodes, and website content is available to further expand your knowledge about CSR and sustainability. Access it all now when you visit the ’Responsibly for Hygiene’ resource page.



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