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With more than 300 genes dedicated to the sense of smell, it’s no surprise that people perceive odours differently. This can present a challenge for manufacturers of disposable hygiene products.

To help classify odour, Bostik created a unique odour sphere diagram. This sphere gives our trained experts a common language when describing the most common odour volatiles found in disposable hygiene products. It also helps classify the odour of the materials used in the products. 

This sphere is also a valuable tool for helping our customers understand how odours interact and improve odour-related concerns by detecting them and identifying their source


Understanding the odour sphere

The Bostik odour sphere is a 3D representation of the 54 most commonly reoccurring volatiles found in the disposable hygiene industry, which have been grouped into 9 dominant classes: 

     1) Fresh

     2) Citrus

     3) Botanical

     4) Fruity

     5) Oily

     6) Fishy

     7) Earthy

     8) Pyrogeneous

     9) Sulfuric

The size of each class is noted by the number of volatiles within the group, along with their interactions within the sphere. 

The classes are arranged according to their speed of perception. Those at the top are perceived the quickest, and those at the bottom are slowest. 

The placement within the sphere represents the persistence of the volatiles. Those in the center of the sphere linger longer than those found on the surface. 

This 3D model shows the interaction between the classes. For example, one can see the point where fruity overlaps oily, botanical and pyrogeneous, which is driven by the chemical structures of the volatiles.


Using the odour sphere to classify odour

The odour sphere helps the Bostik team of experts speak the same language. This ultimately brings objectivity to the classification of odour. Once an odour is classified, the knowledge of perception and persistence can be used to begin odour mitigation.

Bostik uses our in-depth scientific knowledge to classify odour. Our approach helps re-move subjectivity and helps our customers create products that have the right balance of cost and performance while maintaining a market-acceptable odour profile.

To learn more about the odour sphere and how Bostik can assist with your odour needs, contact us.

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