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Product integrity, performance, and flexibility? Consumer acquisition and retention? Better profitability? As your adhesive partner, your disposable hygiene goals are important to us. We continually work to enhance your experience with Bostik’s hot melt adhesives so you can achieve those goals quickly, easily, and more affordably whenever possible. This includes everything from offering you new products and formulations to training your internal teams and providing expert support. 

Optimising disposable hygiene adhesive processability

With a goal of continuous improvement, our R&D teams regularly work to enhance our product line. For example, lowering temperatures can also play a role in reducing energy consumption while the production line is put on hold. Lower add-on levels can positively impact softness and help reduce supply consumption. We have developed lower-odour adhesives and ways to help minimise tailing/cut-off with intermittent applications.

Growing our team’s knowledge to help support your teams

When new substrates are introduced for disposable hygiene, our scientists can’t wait to get into the lab and begin testing the compatibility of our adhesive with them. Not only does this allow us to see the interaction between our glues and the substrates, it also sparks ideas and gives us opportunities to further advance our adhesive product lines and bring you the value you can only obtain from your hot melt supplier. Our experts also stay current on the latest innovations across the globe. This allows us to make adhesive recommendations and provide valuable insight on market trends. We can also provide experts and training on topics from understanding softness to identifying the sources of odour in your products.

Long-term goals for enhancing sustainability

Ultimately, we are exploring options with the goal of creating more sustainable adhesives and ensuring that you can take advantage of the most recent developments from your substrate providers. Whatever your own sustainability goals are, from reducing waste, to lowering your energy consumption, to producing a more sustainable product, work with Bostik to understand the best solution for you. 

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