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Digitisation is everywhere. From smart homes to self-driving smart cars, it is changing the way we live, work, and do business. But these advancements didn’t appear out of nowhere. They were powered by research and development (R&D) and, in turn, are reshaping how we do R&D today. 


Through the use of big data, many companies—including those of us at Bostik—are harnessing the power of information to shape current and future products and manufacturing processes. Think about the collection of data describing adhesive behaviour. Think of information storage and retention. Digitisation can bring R&D teams together. For example, research notebooks in one facility will be accessed by teammates a continent away in mere seconds. Data will be found more easily, eliminating the need for duplicated efforts and wasted time to gather or process it. Collaborations can happen in real time and with greater productivity, especially when using the digital communications we have in place.


On production lines and in testing labs across the globe, more data points than ever are being collected. In addition to assisting in operations, this information can help inform ongoing R&D. Data on existing products and processes can help forecast how they will behave under varying conditions. Predictions like this can also help to accelerate R&D by more quickly narrowing in on likely options.


As digitisation becomes more prevalent in our daily lives and work, you can feel confident that our disposable hygiene experts at Bostik are involved in the conversation as it relates to disposable hygiene. Rest assured, we will continue to track the innovations brought on by digitisation and how they affect R&D in the industry today—and tomorrow.