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To do their jobs well, adhesives for disposable hygiene products are expected to resist a variety of forces attempting to pull them apart. The peel and shear strength of the adhesive you use are important in meeting these needs. In fact, an adhesive that offers exceptional peel and shear performance can add value to your operations and the bottom line through improved product integrity and consumer confidence:

A secure side tab can make a product durable

  • Improved peel and shear strength hold side tabs firmly in place 
  • Strongly held side tabs will not detach and render the product unusable
  • Consistent durability improves consumer confidence

A stable core can make a product more reliable

  • Stronger peel and shear strength help reduce sagging in certain core designs 
  • A stable core continues to fit and perform as intended 
  • Consumers can consistently rely on product effectiveness

A well-sealed core can improve product safety

  • Improved peel strength helps keep the diaper’s core sealed
  • When diapers remain sealed, your baby can’t pull out the inner components
  • A sealed core also minimises exposure to inner components and absorbed fluids 
  • Consumers develop confidence in your product’s safety

Peel Strength and the Channel Core

As new designs are explored, adhesives with superior peel and shear strength may become even more important. For example, channel cores rely on peel strength to consistently meet expectations instability, wearability, and function. It is particularly useful in preventing the channels from opening as pressure is applied around the core by the swelling contents. Intact channels help keep the core from sagging after fluid is absorbed. Peel strength is also important in the channels, as the upper and lower core wrap materials are directly in contact and laminated with adhesive. Their separation can contribute to product failure. 

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