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Creep is the measure of how well an adhesive holds the elastic strands of a disposable hygiene product in place as they stretch and retract. Elastic strands are found in waistbands and leg cuffs of baby diapers, adult incontinence pull-up products, etc. Choosing the right elastic attachment adhesive can help keep the strands from slipping and becoming loose. This aids in protecting against leakage. 

One common method of testing creep in disposable hygiene products is to measure the difference between the original stretched strand length and the length after conditioning the laminate. This difference in length is known as creep. Bostik conditions creep test samples at 100% stretch over 4 hours, at 38°C. The temperature and time conditions mimic consumer’s use conditions. This allows us to be certain our adhesive products are able to deliver the creep performance our customers and consumers need.

Bostik adhesives undergo a series of reliable tests to measure performance and ensure quality. Our adhesive experts are also specially trained to provide professional and thorough product audits upon request. These include recommendations as appropriate for optimizing product performance and improved profitability.

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