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How well your pad attachment adhesive performs can help build consumer confidence in your period care and incontinence products. Bostik’s Securance™ and StayX™ adhesives are two excellent choices for consideration.

Securance™ provides the right initial and in-use peel to make the pad easy to remove or reposition in the underwear. It holds the pad in place to give consumers a more comfortable, leak-free experience.
Securance™ also offers: StayX™ adhesive technology delivers advanced pad attachment performance, superior substrate flexibility, and perfume resistance your consumers will appreciate and remember.
  • No adhesive residue means the pad removes cleanly from the underwear
  • Not affected by the presence of perfumes, enabling a consistent performance with no unpleasant odour 
  • Superior stay-in-place performance supports user comfort throughout the entire use of the pad
  • Adapts to the widest range of substrates for greater design flexibility in meeting your consumers’ changing preferences
  • Initial peel performance makes the pad easy to remove or reposition in the underwear
  • The right in-use peel strength holds the article in the underwear to give consumers enhanced comfort and leak protection
Speak with a Bostik expert to find out if Securance™ or StayX™ is right for you. 
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