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Consumers are taking a greater interest in the environmental impact of the products they use. They are also taking into account the corporate social responsibility-related actions of producers. As a leading supplier of disposable hygiene adhesives, we at Bostik recognise the circular economy approach, looking to eliminate waste and achieve maximum value from the resources we use. This is a key component of our approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In our efforts to be a responsible manufacturer, and in turn help support your efforts as responsible absorbent article producer, we observe a policy of continuous improvement and operational excellence. This focuses on three main areas:


  1. Safety of people and processes: We take actions to promote risk prevention to protect our employees, as well as the environment and neighbourhoods where we operate. Our continuous improvement of risk prevention and management practices further enhances and supports our process safety. We ensure we are meeting safety standards by measuring results in areas such as TRIR (Total Recordable Injury Rate per million hours worked) and PSER (Process Safety Rate per million hours worked).
  2. Health: As part of our prevention and continuous improvement process, we are committed to ensuring a good working environment for everyone, in particular by analysing workstation health and safety risks and studying accident typologies. 
  3. Environmental footprint reduction: This approach includes efforts aimed at reducing emissions and waste production; optimising our use of energy, water, and non-renewable raw materials; and supporting the circular economy.

Safety, health, and environmental protection are core priorities in the management of Arkema’s businesses and manufacturing operations. They are also important to our CSR policy at Bostik. This focus is especially shown by our involvement in the Responsible Care® program. This is a voluntary initiative undertaken by the chemical industry to responsibly manage its operations and products based on a continuous improvement process.


Bostik can support your CSR efforts as a disposable hygiene manufacturer

We are available to support customers like you in your efforts to be more conscientious disposable hygiene manufacturers. Whether you are focusing on safety, health, or finding ways to be good stewards of the environment, we are with you. Our products and experts can help you achieve your goals and assist in their responsible manufacturing initiatives. Working together, we can take steps toward building a more circular, sustainable disposable hygiene industry. 


Let’s talk! Our experts are available to discuss how our adhesives, actions, and commitment can assist with your sustainability and corporate social responsibility goals. Request a meeting.