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At Bostik, we are more than just an adhesive supplier; we are your disposable hygiene partner. Just like you, we have a stake in your long-term success. Your business growth drives our own. That’s why we continue to provide a strong underlying system of expert services and support to baby care, feminine care, and adult incontinence manufacturers like you.


We back you up as you move forward

Unlike some industry suppliers who simply just sell adhesives, Bostik backs every product we uniquely manufacture with on-going support and services from our technical experts. The result is products and operations that are on target with consumer wants and your business needs. Our standard offerings include:

  • Adhesive selection recommendations to choose the precise one for your needs
  • Trial support to help make your product rollout a success
  • Performance troubleshooting to discover the cause and create a solution
  • Adhesive optimisation for successful application and robust performance

In addition to these standard service and support offerings—available to all Bostik disposable hygiene customers—we also provide next-level training, testing, and market trend resources for a more successful tomorrow. Among the most popular are: Adhesives 101 Training, Product Audits, and Adult Incontinence Trends.

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