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Comfortable. Sturdy. Dependable. These are qualities consumers expect from the disposable hygiene products they use. As an absorbent article manufacturer, the choices you make for raw materials, substrates, and even adhesives will determine how well you meet those expectations.  


Elastic strands for fit and leakage control 

Elastics and elastic attachment adhesives play a critical role in both fit and leakage control. Elastic waistbands help diapers and pull-up pants remain in place, ensuring they are both effective and comfortable for babies and adult users. Elastic leg cuffs help keep the product snug against the body, forming a barrier that helps keep liquids inside.  


Why improved creep performance is important 

To work properly, elastic strands need an adhesive that will keep them firmly in place while reducing creep. Creep is the measure of how much slippage an adhesive will allow, or how well an adhesive holds the elastic strands in place. If elastics slip, a looser fit and leakage are common results. Because of this, the consequences of an adhesive with inadequate creep performance can be unpleasant for both the consumer and for your bottom line.  


Current market trends for more elastic  

One of today’s notable trends is toward the use of more elastic materials. Pull-up pants with many strands in the waist and belly areas are becoming more common globally for babies after being used for some time in Asia. Related designs in adult disposable hygiene are attracting interest as the number of active users of adult incontinence products increases. These additional strands lead to another layer of complexity on your line, making dependable attachment even more important for performance and consumer satisfaction.  

Although factors such as shear strength, thermal stability, and production line parameters are important, when it comes to ensuring fit and reducing leakage, choose an elastic adhesive with proven creep performance.  


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