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Smart phones, smart homes and even self-driving smart cars are changing the way we live. Advancements in technology are also changing the way we work. 

We now live in a world of digital connection. Companies can collect, analyse and communicate data in real time from anywhere in the world. This is especially helpful for disposable hygiene manufacturers with plants in many regions across the globe.

Seeing how the Industry 4.0 revolution and big data can help enhance the quality and consistency of our disposable hygiene adhesive and improve customer service, Bostik is implementing digitisation to make our operations—and yours—smarter.  


How digitisation works

There are two main parts to Bostik’s digitisation system:

Part 1: Data collection

Digitising our operations is a key part of Bostik’s culture of continuous improvement. We are installing systems throughout our facility in the Netherlands, from production to packaging. Overall, we will be able to track and trace the various phases of a batch from 3,000 data points. This will be with real-time data for temperature, pressure and more. 

Artificial intelligence analyses the information collected from these data points. It is then gathered and stored. If notable variations are found in production, a quality alert is sent to the appropriate operator. This helps improve the quality and consistency of our disposable hygiene adhesives. It also:

  • Ensures the Bostik adhesive you need is available when you need it by reducing downtime in operations
  • Supports safety initiatives with fewer harmful and costly errors
  • Eliminates wasted time and materials, which lowers our production costs, and helps make Bostik and our customers more competitive 

Part 2: Mobility tools

The use of mobility tools in digitisation is helpful for tracing improvement. Bostik uses a three-step approach that is centred on:

  1. Our people
  2. Their ideas
  3. Collective intelligence 

Based on what we have learned, Bostik has developed concept tools, digital planning and interactive screens to support our digitisation workflow. 

Once we know our approach works, we can move forward to improve our operations. Quickly put into place, our principles give a major competitive advantage in digital development. 

We have learned a lot from our pilot plant in the Netherlands. This information will help Bostik take new approaches to digitisation. We will bring these technologies to our operations in Mexico and the U.S. Once these are in place, our engineers can compare information and manage specifications from many different locations and compare batches at any time in any place on any digital device. 


Bostik’s investments in digitisation trends are your gains

As your best-in-class disposable hygiene adhesive supplier, we help ensure the latest smart technology and knowledge is implemented to keep your products performing at their best.

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